Since 1972 our company is projecting and manufatcuring
mechanical handling equipment. COGIF company was established
to utilize the great experience made on conveyor
COGIF trade mark means "Fabbrica Components Gruppi Meccanici" (Conveyor Mechanical Groups Components Manufacturing).
We supply high quality conveyor components. Our superior quality improves operating efficiency, with low production costs.

The know-how and experience gained by manufactoring conveyor systems will be at your disposal, and we welcome the opportunity of working with you on your particular material handling needs. 

COGIF people have the esperience necessary to design, fabricate, install and service conveyor components like:

Monorailmand Power & Free overhead chain conveyor, both 3", 4", 6". "160 mm" chain pitch.

Drop Forged rivetless chain, easy to assembly without tools, minimum maintenance.

Drop Forged links (side and center links), pins, side links with pusher dogs.

Chain Trolleys: COGIF has full line of Trolleys to fit any application. (European type or USA type)

Tracks for straight section, for horizontal and vertical bends.

Power & Free Load Trolley for free tracks

Caterpillar Drive Unit for overhead chain conveyor.

Caterpillar Drive Chain as separate components, designed for rugged use, long life, and low maintenance, complete with "Pusher Dogs" for 3" - 4" - 6" - "160 mm" chain pitch. 
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